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Pictures of Washington DC

This area I dedicate to people who are dear to me, as well as a recreation area.

Below are pictures of my kids. They are very cheerful and loveable most of the time.
Words cannot express how much I love them!

This is Trisha Lynn Wright

trisha.bmp (49206 bytes)                                                   daniel.bmp (45110 bytes)

                                                                                                      This is Daniel Edward Wright III

Kids.jpg (24553 bytes)

Another picture of Danny and Trisha

Now for my Musical Career....

ontap.jpg (83726 bytes)This is a picture of our band 'Music On Tap' Estimated to be taken around 1983. From left to right, Dan Wright, Brad Vaneffen, and Dan Chase. Oscoda Michigan - US 23. Hear our Theme Song

During the early years known to be popular in the Oscoda Michigan area. Stationed at Wurtsmith AFB, we played several night clubs in that area. Our main place to entertain was 'The Hilltop Lounge'.

Around 1985' ish we picked up and moved to Biloxi, Mississippi. There Dan Chase and I (Dan Wright) were to be stationed at Keesler AFB. Our favorite evening spot to entertain (Sundays) was the infamous 'Wick's Fish Camp'. We made several friends, and had many nights of excitement.

Although only Brad is still playing music regularly, Dan has retired, and I am still trying to decide what I want to do with my musical talent.

Along about 1990, I hooked up with the 'Eddie McDaniel Band'. Eddie is know for being an avid entertainer in the Southern Mississippi area for several years. Below is a picture of the Eddie McDaniel Band entertaining at a private function for the Air Force Civil Engineers at Tyndall AFB in Florida. I worked there at Tyndall for 3 years as a Computer Network Support Specialist during that time. Click Here to see an interview with Eddie on Fox channel 25 in Mississippi - "The Morning Show". Listen to "Roll With It" and Time Of My Life (You Must have REAL PLAYER G2 in order to view these clips)

band.GIF (111661 bytes)
Left to right, Dan Wright, Becky McDaniel, and Eddie McDaniel


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