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Svr / IP Stat v2.1

I have developed an application that is very useful for monitoring IP addresses. I have created this utility so that I could monitor several of our NT Servers for operation. This utility will allow you to monitor 8 separate IP addresses and report status with 10 second accuracy. That every 10 seconds, this utility will 'Ping' the IP addresses that you have entered and if it is successful, you get a GREEN light, if not, a RED light. This version is priced right. It is FREE(Ware) yes.. A very useful tool at a very reasonable price. It runs on a Windows NT 4 Workstation, Server or Windows 95 system with an IP connection to a network. Incidentally, this is a useful tool if you wish to keep your ISP from disconnecting you from the dial up connection for inactivity. Again, enter an IP address, (your DNS, DIAL UP SERVER, or one of your own) and every 10 seconds you will show activity which in turn will 'fool' your ISP into thinking you are doing something.

Server/IP Status Self extracting executable. Size is 777,728 bytes. Has install and un-install built in.

Download Server/IP Status

Another Application that is useful, is a Message of the Day.  It is a real simple application which reads a file called 'motd.txt' (from the directory in which the executable is run) and will display a message, and will not allow the user to exit it for 15 seconds. This is another FREE application. Please feel free to copy it and distribute it to your friends. This application has been tested on Windows 95 and NT 4.

Message of the Day is a Self extracting executable. Size is 129,802 bytes. Copy the files to a NETLOGON Share of a NT Server, or wherever your users execute logon scripts.

Download Message of the Day

Version 2.1 is now in BETA.

Click Here to Download and test the BETA version now....
You can see the screen shots, and also download from clicking the button labeled 'Srvr / IP Stat v2.1'
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