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In the above view, you enter your Address Information in the format of
either IP Address, or Domain Name. In some cases, if your network resolves
NETBIOS Computer Names, they can be entered. i.e. if your computer
name is JoeSmith, and you have WINS enabled, WINS will provide the
computer name to IP resolution. Given this scenario, you could monitor
DNS functions, IP connection, WINS functionality, and uptime.
Once information is entered, you can selectively 'Enable' and 'Disable'
by using the Checkboxes left of each entered address.
The entry box on the bottom allow you to enter a domain name (or NETBIOS
Computer name) and will resolve the entered information to IP and give
you that status.

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In the STATUS view, you can see that the first (TOP) entered address
seems to be unavailable-available. As you can see, in the CONFIGURE page
above, I entered www.microsoft.com in the address field, and DNS resolved
it to the above IP. If you move the mouse cursor over the IP address here,
you will see the address that was entered in a 'Hint' form. The 'Status Lights'
on this page ARE Red and Green, in the screen copy I lost some color
You have next to each entered address, a results line that indicates the
returned information about the ping that was just performed.
The Counter shows how many times the program has performed the Ping
since you selected the STATUS page. This will be reset if you leave the page.
To the right, you see a box that turns Sound OFF and ON. If you have a
sound card in your machine, you will hear a 'SYSTEM MESSAGE' played from
a supplied system.wav file.  You can change the message by replacing this
file with your own, but the file MUST exist in order for the program to
Next, you see an adjustable 'Spin Edit' box that currently displays '10' and
this value is adjusted for the repetition. If you wish to 'PING' all the address's
every 10 seconds, then this setting should stay at 10, otherwise, you can
change it from 5 seconds to 999 seconds. This will allow for a decrease in
network traffic from this application.
At the bottom, you see DNS Status. This box will resolve your entered infor-
mation and display a resolved address. If your DNS function is working, you
will get a Green light left of the words DNS Status. This also will be performed
at the rate you have selected in the Ping Interval in Seconds box.
Last but not least, the Exit button. It will do 3 things for you.
Saves the STATUS of the APPLICATION in an INI file. i.e.if sound was
turned OFF, your selected PING interval, which file was previously open,
which addresses were enabled.
Asks you if you wish to SAVE your IP Address entries to file.
Exits the application.

Dan Wright